We are open: Gourmet cuisine


A Bronx restaurant that made a difference during the pandemic is now doing so well the owner says he has big plans in store.

Fine Food Cuisine on Morris Park Avenue says they sanitize, wear masks, and continue to provide the community with their delicious and diverse cuisine.

“I have extensive experience working in many restaurants over the years in Manhattan. I worked in a Mexican restaurant for many years, I also worked for Bobby Flay … so I really have a lot experience in a variety of cuisines, ”says owner Chef Al.

He and his team cook everything from wings and steak to oxtail and even a lobster dish served in a pineapple.

“When people come here, I assure them that they will get quality at an affordable price,” says Chef Al.

This is exactly why customers tell News 12 they keep coming back and say they are grateful the place has been open throughout the pandemic.

“The grilled salmon in butter is the most… it just melts in your mouth. The green beans I get and the mashed potatoes… snap,” says Chef Al.

Food is so popular in the Bronx that Chef Al told News 12 he plans to open an even bigger second location so he can accommodate more customers.


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