Sustainable sourcing of quality food should be a priority, says Dubai Grand Chef


Dubai:The importance of sustainable sourcing and an excellent customer relationship to reduce waste and maintain profitability was recently underlined at a roundtable in Dubai, organized by the French Dairy Board and the European Union.

Speaking at the event, which is part of a campaign to present the measures implemented by the French dairy industry to ensure the sustainable production of exports, Chef Romain Castet, Executive Pastry Chef, Sofitel Dubai the Obelisk, explained the importance of empowering suppliers. .

“French cream produces one of the best results. However, to make its use as sustainable as possible, we look to French dairy companies that have a sustainable mandate as part of their business ethics. We challenge suppliers in terms of who makes the product, why and how.

Throughout the event, the group focused on topics with the underlying message of influencing and teaching others the need to take a sustainable approach to food procurement while emphasizing the importance of communicating with guests to avoid unnecessary waste.

“If I fill my display and all the products aren’t sold, not only does it create waste, but it also impacts the bottom line. The contact that I have with the client is therefore so important. For example, if a product is not available because we want to avoid waste, I can explain it, and the customer often understands the reasons, ”Castet said.

“On the other hand, if the customer is a regular, I can ask him to notify me of his next visit, either by SMS or by email; I can then make sure that it is available. This is the perfect scenario because there is no waste, and it becomes more sustainable, but that is only possible if you are in contact with the customer and you develop this relationship, ”he said. added.

Education and awareness of the value of milk and dairy products in France is at the heart of the campaign, with four critical areas of the supply chain covered, including economic and social, food security, nutrition food and responsible production (animal welfare and the environment).

Marie-Laure Martin of the French Dairy Board said: “French creams are renowned the world over for their quality and enhance flavors in almost any recipe prepared at home or in restaurants by professional chefs. However, it is also essential for us. boast about the processes and procedures that the dairy sector has undertaken to ensure that these products are produced in a sustainable manner.

“French cream follows strict production rules, so despite its export, this high-quality product is still sustainable,” she added.

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