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With the support of Parksville City Council, Quality Foods will take its request to the Alcohol and Cannabis Regulatory Authority (LCRB) to occasionally host live music and events in its “Upstairs” lounge.

The decision to support Quality Foods was voted in favor at the board meeting on November 16. Earlier mention of the Quality Foods Show at 371 Alberni Hwy was made during the October 5 board meeting. At that time, municipal staff were ordered to announce the desirability of a public contribution from the community near the facility, regarding the application for entertainment approval for guest participation.

A warning sign was posted on the property on October 28 and written comments from the public were accepted until 4 p.m. on November 6.

Seven letters were received, two of which were in favor of the nomination. Almost all of the opposition letters mentioned their concern for noise pollution and traffic management.

“Adding alcohol on its own might not be a bad idea if it is in a quiet setting conducive to conversation and the promotion of simple pleasures such as enjoying a meal with friends while shopping. in the new store, ”wrote Jennifer Duggan, a resident near the site.

Joan Starck, another resident of the neighborhood, was concerned about the integrity of the neighborhood.

“A family grocery store in a residential neighborhood is not the right place to meet the needs of those who want to party with music, dancing and drinking… Who wants to live with the everyday noise and night over your back fence or across the street? ” she said.

Com. Al Greir said he could understand their sentiment, but believed it “would add something to this end of the city”.

Com. Mark Chandler agreed and added that he knows about Upstairs by Quality Foods at their location south of Nanaimo.

“There’s very little entertainment that I’ve ever seen there… They do a lot of things like ‘wing night’ and ‘pizza night’ and things like that.”

In a report provided by the Director of Community Planning and Construction, it was stated that “it is possible that nearby residents will occasionally hear events in the proposed primary catering establishment, the type of venue and the location. The interior appearance of commercial premises would appear to generally alleviate nuisance problems.

Council offered six votes in favor of the request, along with Council. Teresa Patterson opposed it.

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