Michael’s Gourmet Food Services joins Dover Chamber


DOVER – Michael’s Gourmet Food Services recently joined the Dover Chamber. The company provides gourmet private kitchen services to customers in the greater Dover area.

Michael’s Gourmet Food Services provides culinary expertise in a variety of ways, including gourmet in-home dining, in-home meal replacement, in-home dining, professional culinary services, catering receptions, and cooking and wine pairing classes. .

Michael’s can prepare specialty gourmet dinners on site for your family or for a special date. This includes a full, home-cooked, customer service-centric menu and service.

“We strive to prepare a great meal of your choice in your home with as much or as little customer interaction as you want,” said Chef Michael Pentasuglia, owner of Michael’s Gourmet Food Services. “Our goal is to provide you with a quality gourmet meal without going to an expensive restaurant.”

If you are a family or an individual who is always on the go, Michael’s can prepare meals for you ahead of time for immediate consumption that can be frozen, vacuum packed, or made to order a few days in advance.

One of the specialties they offer are the upscale dinners which can be created for a particularly memorable evening for up to eight friends or associates. They can also host any house party (up to 20 people) any day except Sunday, but they can provide all services and catering on Saturdays for a Sunday event. Michael’s also runs cooking classes and food and wine pairing classes in your home for up to eight people.

Their expertise extends far beyond food, as they can create an incredible atmosphere with their extensive catering experience.

Michael’s Gourmet Food Services offers a free one-hour consultation to discuss the type and extent of service, date and time, menu choices, allergens, specific workplace, and food options. payment.

You can contact Michael directly at [email protected] or by phone at 603-988-9048. For more information about the services, visit the website at www.mgfsllc.com.


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