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‘I am R2-D2, and I will be your server’

The restoration team at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line in Media, PA is struggling to find workers. The continuing care retiree community decided to purchase two robots to fill the gaps and say they have enabled the catering team to continue providing quality service to residents despite the current challenges. The robots are called “Matradee” by Richtech Robotics, and they give residents easier access to food delivery.

Clearwater at Riverpark named Showcase Community

Clearwater at Riverpark, a luxury independent living community in Oxnard, California, has announced that it has been named a showcase community by Sodexo, the global foodservice management company. Clearwater at Riverpark received designation among 600 seniors’ residences where Sodexo has partnered to provide catering services. It was one of only two communities in California to receive the highest honor. “Our Riverpark team strives to go beyond the Clearwater Living Empowered Living ethos through impactful emotional, physical and social experiences in a nurturing and comfortable environment,” said Danielle Morgan, President and CEO of the operation of Clearwater Living. “We are honored to have been recognized by Sodexo for our shared commitment to providing delicious dining experiences that nourish both body and soul.”

Food choices affect life expectancy, study finds

According to a study published online February 8 in OLP Medicine. Researchers found that a sustained change from a typical Western diet to an optimal diet starting at age 20 would increase life expectancy by more than a decade. It is estimated that a change in the optimized diet at age 60 from a typical diet increases life expectancy by 8 years for women and 8.8 years for men, while people aged 80 years could gain about 3.4 years. Adopting a feasible diet (a midpoint between an optimal diet and a typical Western diet) from a typical diet is estimated to increase life expectancy by 6.2 years for American women by 20 years and 7.3 years for American men. The greatest gains would result from eating more legumes, whole grains and nuts and less red meat and processed meat.

Excerpt from the April 2022 issue of McKnight’s Senior Living


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