Food Alert: Mira Kapoor lists her favorite Indian dishes, cuisine, desserts, cooking show, and more.


If you follow Mira Kapoor on Instagram, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to deduce that Ms. Kapoor is a die-hard foodie. The fact that she can cook up a storm on her own makes her all the more appealing. A few weeks ago, she cooked up some wonderful Italian food for her family in Delhi and cooked everything from caprese salad and spaghetti to penne arrabiata. She also gives out some of her own recipes on her Instagram Stories if she tries something cool. During a recent AMA Instagram session with fans, she revealed some of her food secrets that you might not have known. For example, did you know that like most of us, Mira is also a huge fan of Chef Gary Mehigan, Chef Matt and Chef George Calombaris from Masterchef Australia?

She said her favorite pastime was indeed cooking, and her favorite cuisine is Thai, “Thai cooking all day every day,” she wrote in her Instagram story. Her favorite Gujarati food is Undhiyo, and that she had Uttapam for breakfast earlier this morning.

In response to one of the questions from fans, she listed her favorite Indian dishes. “Dal Makhani, Paneer Makhani, Baigan Bharta, Soya Chaap, Gheeya / Tori in any form whatsoever, that of my mother kashiphal,mom’s paratha, Gujarati Kadhi, Appam and stew, Spicy rasam, Poha. My SON’s orange paneer .. All that is really .. I live to eat, “she wrote. Mira is a vegetarian, as is her husband and actor Shahid Kapoor.

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Asked about the desserts, she praised the marble cake from @bakedlovebyvatsala, the chocolate cake from @malabindra, the truffle cake from @bigchillindia, the rasgullas from Gopala (a popular confectionery from Delhi) and the barfi from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. .
She also revealed her absolute love for Delhi momos and the fact that she liked it better than Delhi Gol Gappa, especially those sold in Prince Pan, GK.

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